Radical new online vision screening software is being provided free of charge to schools across the UK and Auchenharvie Primary is one of the first in Scotland to sign up for a kit.

The software allows teachers and assistants to conduct a three minute screening test which can detect some of the most common conditions that affect children’s sight. No specific diagnosis is made from these tests but a report is generated to help parents or guardians make a more informed decision about their child’s eyes.

Specsavers has funded this project as part of their Screening for Schools campaign and Specsavers Saltcoats recently visited Auchenharvie Primary to deliver the innovative kits.

Great to see the software in action

Alistair Ferdinand, director of Specsavers in Saltcoats, said: ‘Regular eye tests are extremely important and a good habit to have from an early age. There are a number of conditions that can be corrected by an optician if they are spotted before a child is eight years old.

‘If schools regularly use these new screening kits, it could result in less children being misdiagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD or learning difficulties when they simply just need glasses.

‘It was great to visit Auchenharvie Primary and see the software in action.’

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