The Saffron Walden store will donate over 200 pairs of used and unwanted glasses collected from customers and local residents to charity, in a bid to improve eye care in developing countries.

Glasses recycling initiative

The store is running a glasses recycling initiative in partnership with global sight charity Vision Aid Overseas. The glasses will be recycled and proceeds made from selling the reusable materials will be donated to support the charity’s work in developing countries.

Store director, Tania Jenkinson, says: ‘Eyecare is often taken for granted in the UK because there are opticians on nearly every high street. Unfortunately in many of the developing countries this is not the case, with many people being seriously affected as a result of poor vision. Children miss out on valuable education, parents cannot work to support their families and some grandparents simply do not have the ability to see their grandchildren.’

Vision Aid Overseas

Tania continues: ‘By donating glasses for Vision Aid Overseas we can help the charity in its mission to help save the sight of those less fortunate then ourselves.’

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