RUNCORN Specsavers is offering a brand new earwax removal service to customers, providing the easiest and safest way to get rid of excess or hard earwax.

Although it’s not something that many people consider on a regular basis, earwax is a very important element of ear health. It acts as a self-cleaning service for the ears and protects the sensitive ear canal from bacteria that can lead to infection.

Fighting hearing loss and infections

But a build-up of earwax can lead to problems such as hearing loss, discomfort, itchy ears, infections and Tinnitus, known commonly as ringing in the ears.

Chris Graham, director of the Runcorn Specsavers store, says: ‘Many people use cotton buds in an effort to clean the excess wax from their ears, but this can lead to increased blockage and actually cause more issues from wax being pushed further into the ear.

‘Our new earwax removal service is easy, safe, and cost effective, and ensures that the earwax is removed safely by a professional and not left to wreak havoc on your ear health.’

At Runcorn Specsavers, customers can have their earwax removed through Microsuction – the quickest and safest method of removal. The process involves a medical suction device carefully and quickly removing the wax, while constantly maintaining vision of the ear canal using a microscope. 

£35 for one ear, £50 for two

The service is available for £35 for one ear or £50 for two and clinics are available in the Runcorn store now.

Chris continues: ‘The removal is quick and comfortable for customers. It’s done by a highly qualified professional and is safe for customers of all ages, including those with perforations. 

‘We advise anyone suffering from symptoms to come and speak to us in store or book an appointment in order to remove the wax. The team here will be happy to help with any enquiries and talk through the procedure and its benefits thoroughly with customers.’  

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