Specsavers in Idle has potentially saved a young girl’s sight whilst carrying out a routine eye test. 

Annual examination leads to significant finding

The practice carried out the test on four-year-old Daisy Wolstencroft after she came in for her annual examination. It was during this test that they saw signs of the degenerative condition Amblyopia (reduced vision in one eye caused by abnormal visual development).

‘Daisy hadn’t been complaining of any symptoms, so it was a shock to hear that she had problems with her sight,’ said Daisy’s mum Lindsay. 

‘I felt terrible when I first found out that something was wrong. Even though Daisy was too young to realise herself, I was worried about how the condition would affect her vision, and if it would be something that she would have to live with for the rest of her life.’

Severe effects

Also known as a lazy eye, Amblyopia first develops during early childhood. If left untreated the condition can cause severe visual disability and even blindness.

Idle Specsavers referred Daisy to hospital straight away, where they did further tests to confirm the condition. Daisy then underwent two years of treatment to help correct her eyesight, including wearing glasses full time and wearing a patch over her stronger eye to help strengthen the weaker eye. 

‘It was difficult at first when she first started wearing her patch,’ said Lindsay, ‘but we made a game out of it, drawing pictures on her patch. Now she loves wearing her glasses!’ 

Regular eye tests

After treatment, Daisy, who is now nine, has maintained 90% of her eyesight. 

‘Daisy is the perfect example of why it’s crucial for children under the age of seven to have their eyes tested at least once a year.’ said director Jag Kainth. ‘Without an assessment her eyesight would have deteriorated further, and it would never have recovered.’

Ensuring children under the age of seven have their eyes tested at least once a year could potentially help to cure eye problems that in the future may not be as easy to resolve.


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