Residents in Ripley have been donating their unwanted and old prescription glasses for Vision Aid Overseas, the international charity that ensures people in developing countries can access eyecare in their communities.

The Specsavers team has received more than 1,000 pairs of glasses following a challenge to encourage customers to hand in their old specs. But the hard work does not end there, as the team continue to call for donations from local residents.

Community generosity 

Store director, Kuldip Dosanjh said: ‘We can hardly believe the number of donations we have received and are so grateful to the local community for their generosity and support of Vision Aid Overseas. We are always open to more donations, so if you have no need for an old pair of specs, don’t forget to send them our way!’

Vision Aid Overseas is a UK based charity that works in a number of African countries, including Ethiopia, Ghana and Zambia, and aims to help those living in poverty who have little or no access to eyecare. Donated glasses are recycled and the income generated is used to support the charity’s work. 

To find out more about the Vision Aid Overseas, visit

Kuldip added: ‘There are millions of people in the world who currently cannot get access to the eyecare they need, but Vision Aid Overseas are making a real difference, and so will these donations!’ 

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