Specsavers Bangor in Bloomfield Shopping Centre is reminding patients that regular hearing tests can have a significant impact on our health as we age. In a recent report in The Lancet, it says that mid-life hearing tops nine risk factors for dementia, and treating hearing loss can have a significant impact on preventing dementia.

Importance of looking after hearing

Joanne Torrens, Specsavers Hearcare Director in Northern Ireland explains that while the link between hearing loss and dementia is not new, we dismiss it as just a natural part of aging: ‘This study certainly highlights the importance of looking after your hearing in middle age, and one of the reasons why regular hearing tests are essential before it is too late and the damage could be already done.’

Specsavers offers free hearing checks that take only 3-minutes, with no appointment necessary for anyone who is concerned about their hearing. This check advises the customer if they would benefit from a full hearing test, which is also free and takes about an hour.

Risk of dementia could be reduced

Joanne added: ‘The risk of dementia can be significantly reduced if people take better care of their hearing and that means getting regular checks, and tests if need be. It should be as much as part of our lives as the dentist or, indeed, eye tests!’

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