With the run up to Christmas in full swing, it’s easy to forget that for many, the festive period can unfortunately be a sad and lonely time.

Social isolation

To raise awareness of the social isolation caused by hearing loss, Specsavers hosted ‘Silent Night’ where top journalists and bloggers were able to truly understand just how lonely hearing loss can be.

Attendees were invited to take part in a simulated hearing loss experience over a festive meal, whereby a Specsavers audiologist fitted them with special gel moulds to replicate up to 70% hearing loss.

Guests were then asked to interact with one another, conversing over the dinner table, ordering from the menu and generally trying to keep up with the conversation.

Expert advice

Nick Taylor, head of professional advancement at Specsavers audiologists, used impression gel to block sound from guests’ ears, and was on hand to offer professional tips and advice on managing hearing loss. He said: ‘Hearing loss, just like our sight, is something that naturally deteriorates as we get older – it’s simply a part of the aging process.

‘Many people are reluctant to admit that they are experiencing hearing loss, and a lot of the time they won’t seek help until years down the line. It’s really important to raise awareness of the impact this can have on their lives – whether that be simple things like not being able to follow conversation around the Christmas dinner table, to more serious incidents like being unable to hear oncoming traffic.

‘We set out to change perceptions surrounding hearing loss, and I think it’s safe to say that guests left feeling much more informed, and aware of the impact this has.’

Helping someone you know

There are many things which might indicate that you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss:

- Regularly asking people to repeat what they’ve said

- Having the TV turned up uncomfortably loud of others in the room

- Difficulty following conversation in busy social environments

- Telephone conversations are a struggle

So why not pop into store for a free hearing test from a fully-qualified Specsavers audiologist?

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