Having a regular eye test really matters, not least because it can help identify conditions like glaucoma at an early stage.

Silent thief of sight

The condition, which has been referred to as ‘the silent thief of sight’ by experts as it can sometimes have no symptoms until it has already damaged your vision, is often picked up for the first time during a routine eye test.

Regular eye tests

So the eye health experts at the two Specsavers stores in Norwich are recommending that everyone should have a regular eye test, at least every two years, even if they have not noticed any change in their eyesight.

A word from the store director

Ian Sinha, ophthalmic director at the Specsavers stores in White Lion Street and St Stephens Street, said: ‘While it is more common in older people or those who are at higher risk of getting it, glaucoma can affect all of us at any age - so it is important not to be complacent about your eye health.

‘Why not book an eye test today and let us put your mind at rest.’

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