School's out for summer and the sun is shining.

With this in mind, protecting your child’s skin from harmful ultraviolet rays will be at the forefront of minds in the sun. Almost all people (95%) associate UV with skin problems, however according to a recent study only 7% understand the risks UV has on eyes*.

Specsavers is keen to raise awareness of the importance of protecting children’s eyes this summer holiday season in order to help prevent potential lasting damage to their eyesight.

During the summer months there is an increased exposure to harmful UV rays. So it is as important as ever to protect kids' eyes by investing in UV protective sunglasses for them.

Children are at a higher risk of UV damage

Adults do tend to take precautions by wearing sunglasses when exposed to visible sunlight, but it seems that parents are not enforcing the same level of protection for their children, despite the fact children are actually at higher risk.

Prevent potential lasting harm 

Dr Nigel Best, Specsavers clinical expert, says: ‘The natural lens inside a child’s eye is clearer than an adult’s and allows more UV radiation to pass through to the retina.

This is because as we age the lens of our eye naturally yellows, reducing the amount of UV radiation that can pass through. This, coupled with the fact that children generally have larger pupils than adults, means that children’s eyes are exposed to far more UV damage.

‘Too much exposure to UV rays at a young age increases the likelihood of developing potentially sight-threatening conditions such as age related macular degeneration, in later life.

‘On a recent holiday I noticed how very few children were wearing sunglasses when they were with their parents, who invariably were wearing sunglasses themselves.

The message of sunscreen for children seems to have hit home but it seems the importance of protecting children’s eyes has not.’

Specsavers offers two free pairs of glasses for your child. The second pair can be prescription sunglasses.

Two free pairs offer

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