World Diabetes Day falls every year in November (14th) and is a time when millions of people come together around the world to raise awareness of diabetes.

Diabetes is a long term condition and if not managed properly can lead to complications, such as retinopathy which damages the retina (the ‘seeing’ part at the back of the eye).  That’s why Specsavers in London is urging Londoners who are diabetic to remember their twice-yearly eye examinations.

Why eye examinations are critical for diabetics

Screening to ensure early detection of type two diabetes is a priority and people with diabetes are 25 times more at risk of going blind than someone without the condition and early detection can be crucial in helping to prevent blindness.

Regular eye examinations are essential and a full eye test can pick up a range of indicators which could be a sign of diabetes.  Digital retinal photography takes a photograph of the back of the eye – the only part of the body where the microcirculation of blood can be directly observed. It is already included as standard part of an eye test at Specsavers for all patients over 40 and when otherwise deemed necessary by the optician.

What your friendly London optometrist has to say
‘Reducing the risk of diabetes can be simple. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and cutting down on salt, fat and sugar are all essential. Regular exercise can also stimulate blood flow, and there is also a direct link between diabetic retinopathy and obesity, so losing weight can also help.’

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