Wearing a facemask whilst wearing a pair of glasses isn’t as simple as it should be. You might find that you struggle with lenses that steam up, or glasses that slip off your face – and if you’ve already been wearing both at the same time, you’ve probably already figured this out.

That’s why the eye health experts at Specsavers stores across Buckinghamshire have put together some quick tips on how to wear your facemask and glasses together comfortably, whilst maintaining clear vision.

How to wear your glasses and facemask together

As facemasks have become mandatory on public transport and preferred by many when out and about, two problems have appeared most popular for those needing to wear their masks along with their glasses.

For many, they’re finding their glasses are slipping down their face whilst wearing a face mask. One to stop this is by attaching the ties or elastic on your mask to your glasses, instead of your ears. Alternatively, you can use a small piece of surgical tape on your nose to hold your mask in place, whilst reading your glasses on top of your mask to provide additional grip.

As well as this, many are also finding their glasses steam up easily whilst wearing a mask, as it diverts hot air up toward your eyes. If you’re struggling with this, you might find that resting your glasses on top of your mask will help by creating less gaps for warm air to escape from at the top of your mask, meaning your glasses will be less likely to steam up. Or, sometimes even simply pulling your mask further up your face can be effective.

Whenever making adjustments to how you wear your mask, just make sure that your nose and mouth are still completely covered in the end.

Open for routine care

While they have been open for urgent and essential care throughout lockdown, the Specsavers stores across Buckinghamshire are now open again for routine eye care by appointment, including eye tests, and the purchase of glasses and contact lenses, amongst other things.

If you have noticed a change in your vision or you are overdue an eye test, give your local store a call.

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