As she gears up to celebrate 50 years in the business in 2016, British fashion icon Twiggy has collaborated with Specsavers to design an elegant, stylish and glamorous range of glasses.

The Twiggy for Aurora collection, available exclusively at Specsavers in Formby and Southport, has been designed for women like herself who want to look chic and stylish but love to have fun with fashion.

The range features six styles
The range features six sophisticated styles each encrusted with gemstones in different colours with a signature crystal on the tips of the sides.

Twiggy, who also models the collection, says: ‘I’m so excited, I have always wanted to design a range of eyewear and I hope that I can inspire other specs wearers through my new collection.

‘I have been a glasses wearer for more than 20 years, I need them for reading, driving, watching TV, pretty much everything really! I have always had numerous pairs in different shapes and colours as I love to change my glasses depending on what I’m wearing, so it’s extremely exciting to be able to design my own now!’

Attitude to fashion
Twiggy took inspiration for the range from her own wardrobe and attitude to fashion. She says: ‘I love fun and stylish looks and it’s very important to me to be comfortable. Also, being chic and stylish never goes out of fashion.

‘I wanted the collection to allow women to experiment a little, try different shapes and colours and think of their glasses as part of their overall style and look. I think colour on the face is fun. If someone has always worn very plain glasses they should try a style like Aurora Amethyst, which is a gorgeous deep warm red tone that is very flattering.’

The Twiggy for Aurora collection is available exclusively from Specsavers. Priced at £125, there are six sophisticated styles to choose from, which are also included in the Specsavers two for one offer.

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