We recently received a fantastic thank you letter praising the actions of one of our opticians, Miss Neha Shah:

'Please could you pass on our gratitude and thanks to Miss Neha Shah. In August of this year my wife was driving home and suddenly lost her sight in one eye, she had to pull over as she had double vision.

I went and picked my wife up and took her to Basildon Hospital, after waiting for hours she was seen and then sent home without any explanation of what had caused this loss of sight.

As you can imagine I was extremely worried as she not only had double vision but was also light headed. So I decided to bring her to your local branch in Wickford. We were fortunate enough to see Miss Shah, who after examining my wife informed us that she should urgently see an eye specialist at Southend Hospital, she then prescribed Prism lenses.

To cut a long story short we eventually managed to see a specialist at Southend, who confirmed that my wife had suffered damage to the nerves and blood vessels.

The Eye consultants at both Southend and Basildon Hospitals have said how professional and well trained Neha is to have spotted my wife's problems, not only did Neha diagnose what was wrong with my Wife's eyes but she also prescribe the correct glasses.

You should be extremely proud to have a member of your staff who excels in her chosen field, Neha is a great asset to your company and we cannot commend her enough for everything she has done for my family.


Andrew, Wickford '

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