We recently received a fantastic letter praising one of our opticians for going above and beyond:

'When I was told my four year old son required glasses, I took him along to your branch. Unfortunately, Michael has severe learning difficulties and the nature of his disability made this trip a very stressful one.

Although your staff were excellent and tried their best to help the situation, Michael just couldn’t cope in a busy environment and would not co-operate at any level. I chose the glasses very quickly and unfortunately when Michael attended his next appointment in the paediatric eye clinic, the clinician told me that the glasses were not ideal for Michael.

A friend had told me of an optician in Belfast city centre who had one-to-one appointments and experience of working with special needs children. However, when I phoned your branch to request Michael’s prescription to take along to the other optician, it was suggested that Graham came out to our home to fit Michael for new glasses.

I cannot describe how different this experience was to the one in the shop. Michael enjoyed trying on each of the glasses that Graham brought out and even stood still while Graham measured them on him. Graham had a very patient and understanding way of working with Michael and I now ask for him specifically if I have any problems or require new glasses for Michael.

I always find Graham to be very pleasant, patient and understanding, and can imagine that he is a valuable asset to your branch. A child with special needs faces many challenges in their lifetime, so it makes a real difference when someone is prepared to go beyond the call of duty to make life that little bit easier.'

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