Star of reality TV show Made in Chelsea, Oliver Proudlock gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into his off-screen life.

Creative and multi-talented, Proudlock – as he's known – is an up and coming designer, artist, DJ and of course, glasses model. With so many strings to his bow, it’s no surprise that he’s incredibly busy. We managed to catch up with him at his hip label Serge DeNimes’ pop-up shop in London’s Carnaby Street to talk creativity, design and those famous specs.

Not just a TV Star

Proudlock’s love of art and fashion began at a young age. Fans of Channel 4’s Made In Chelsea will be familiar with his T-shirt designs under the aforementioned Serge DeNimes label, which recently celebrated its second birthday. He says: ‘Since the age of 16, I have been printing my own artwork on T-shirts, so it was a natural progression to sell them and create the label. When I started, I wanted to create the perfect tee, in terms of cut and quality of fabric, as well as the best graphics I could achieve. Now it’s become really exciting. I’ve got a good team working with me and it’s a great community feel we’ve got going on.’

Together with fellow creatives, Proudlock has also formed what he calls Serge ÖffBeat Sessions, a collective producing art, music and fashion.  We experienced the collective in action when we caught up with him. The soundtrack to the pop-up store was ÖffBeat’s vibrant live music, which went down an absolute storm with the crowds.

We particularly love the all-over print tees, rather than the traditional square print, that his work now includes increasingly more of. He’s not taking advantage of his TV fame, however, but wants the T-shirts’ authentic style to shine through – which is one of the reasons why we love him.

Favourite specs

Of course, another reason why we love Proudlock is his effortlessly unique style, including his love of stylish, round glasses. We think the round, tortoiseshell Percival style from our £85 range completes his relaxed look perfectly (pictured).

‘I got my first pair of glasses when I was 11 years old. I was really embarrassed because my mum made me get the same thick, Austin Powers-style ones as her! Over time, I’ve got completely used to wearing glasses. Now it’s somehow become the done thing. Often people come and ask me about my specs and don’t believe that I have prescription lenses in them! They think I’m just wearing them to look cool on TV.’

Proudlock had his eyes tested again last summer, as he wanted some contact lenses for sport and found them to be comfortable and convenient. ‘It took me a few hours to get used to them and I now wear them only when I play tennis or football. It’s almost like Clark Kent and Superman, with and without glasses!’ he jokes.

Forever dedicated to his specs, he continues: ‘I’ve got so many glasses now and while I do mix it up, I always come back to the same specs. I’ve had them a few years now and they are my favourite. I just can’t seem to let them go.’

The lowdown on Proudlock

✽ Champagne swilling Made In Chelsea roared onto our screens in 2011. Broadcast on E4, it now boasts a BAFTA award and five successful series.

✽ Proudlock joined the second series of Made In Chelsea when it was revealed that he was a former flame of Caggie Dunlop (Caggie now models for Serge DeNimes)

✽ He attended Eton School where he met fellow cast mate, Spencer Matthews

✽ He studied fine art at Newcastle University with Caggie’s older brother, Freddie

✽ His mother once had her own clothing line and is now a successful photographer, while his father owned Foxtrot Oscar, off the trendy King’s Road

✽ Many of the Made In Chelsea cast have day jobs, too. Jamie, heir to McVities, is the creator of candy and clothing brand Candy Kittens, Spencer and Andy are brokers, while Millie is a make-up artist 

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