Nottingham school receives free vision screening equipment

01 April, 2016

Specsavers in Nottingham handed over radical new online vision screening software to the staff and children of Hollygirt School. This three-minute screening test can detect the most common eye problems that affect children, such as long and short sight, lazy eye and squints.

The software has been developed and funded for Specsavers’ Screening for Schools campaign, following a recent study which revealed millions of children have never had a sight test.1

Specsavers Nottingham director, Simon Dunn, said: ‘A child’s eyesight will continue to develop up to the age of eight-years-old and a number of conditions can be corrected by an optician if detected before this time. However, there is still a lack of general awareness among some parents and teachers about the importance of regular sight tests from the age of three or four. We have seen some cases where children have been misdiagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD or learning difficulties when in fact the child simply needs glasses.’

The vision screening software is now available to all primary and secondary schools in the UK. Schools not already signed up can register at

All Nottingham store information.

 (1 Survey based on the population of one to twelve year olds taken from the statistics in ONS ‘Analysis of annual mid-year population estimates for 2014