For millions of people in the UK, the summer brings long days filled with itchy eyes and sneezing.

They suffer from hay fever, a common allergy which can play havoc with your health. The good news is that – as far as your eyes are concerned at least – the experts at the two Specsavers stores in Norwich are ideally placed to help you keep your eyes fresh.

High pollen count

Ian Sinha, director at the stores in White Lion Street and St Stephens Street, explains: ‘The pollen count has been very high so far this summer, so hay fever sufferers have not been having an easy time.

Irritated eyes

‘Hay fever can make your eyes irritated and itchy, and you may well find that they are watering more than usual. We would advise that you try not to rub your eyes, as this can make them feel worse.

Pop in and see us

‘Over-the-counter remedies can often relieve your symptoms, but if you need a little extra help keeping your eyes feeling healthy you should pop in and see us in store.

‘Often, a GP will refer an eye problem to an optician anyway – so it might be quicker to book an appointment directly with us as the eye health experts.’

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