With darker and longer nights already upon us and the Christmas party season getting closer, stores in North Wales teamed up to remind local people of the importance of looking after their eyesight in order to stay safe on the roads. 

More people out in the dark

With more people in the region taking to the streets in the dark during the run up to Christmas, Specsavers reminded locals about the importance of having regular eye tests.

The aim was to encourage people to have their eyes checked, as stores want to make sure all residents stay safe at this time of year at night, especially on the roads. Vision is reduced when it’s dark, and if you are having problems with your vision, this could present more difficulties.

A hazardous time of year

Statistics from road safety charity Brake prove that it is more hazardous to be out and about during darker evenings. For example, figures show that there are more than twice as many pedestrian deaths in December as in June.

Stores stress that it really is vital that people look after their eyesight, especially at this time of year. Many of us do not notice difficulties with vision until it is darker for longer. 

Advice for those concerned

Specsavers advises people to book an eye test if they have any concerns about their eyesight or haven’t had an eye examination in the last two years.

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