Eye tests are an important aspect of your healthcare routine, and are just as important in your teens as they are in adulthood.

As well as monitoring the general health of your eyes, an eye test can also pick up on conditions which can become prevalent in your teens, such as near-sightedness or myopia.

Eyewear solutions

If you’re looking for your first prescription eyewear, Specsavers stores across the North East have a fantastic range of budget friendly frames with styles to suit all tastes.

From regular glasses to prescription sunglasses, contact lenses and even prescription goggles for playing sports, we’ve got it covered.

Look out for trendy brands such as Firetrap, Roxy, Quiksilver as well as own-brand glasses for a stylish look that will make you feel great.

Under 16s

Remember, with an under-16s NHS optical voucher, glasses in our £64 to £85 ranges are free. Glasses in our £99 ranges will only cost £14 and glasses from our £125 ranges will cost £35.

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