Opticians in Newmarket welcomed a puppy into their store to champion an initiative for the Guide Dogs charity.

Vital funds

The pup was in the Specsavers store with its owner to help raise awareness of the work the charity undertakes and to raise vital funds.

Fundraising activities

Specsavers Newmarket, located at Number 1 The Guineas, held an array of fundraising activities during Guide Dogs week in support of the charity, including an in-store bake sale. They have also run a number of competitions giving customers the opportunity to win some great prizes, including a ‘guess the puppy’s name’ competition where customers were asked to name the visiting pup as well as holding a raffle with glasses vouchers up for grabs. There was also a ‘paw print treasure hunt’ in store where customers searched for hidden paw prints.

Store Director, Samantha Moore, said: ‘We are really proud to have supported the Guide Dogs charity. We all really enjoyed raising money to help them continue their great work as Guide dogs are extremely important in serving the blind and visually impaired, and in many instances, they help to provide a level of normality in day to day life.

Highlight the work

‘Unfortunately we are all guilty of taking our sight for granted from time to time and it is therefore vital that we highlight the work carried out by the charity and to show that we all need to work together to support the charity and the visually impaired community.’

Customers can still support the charity by donating or going into store to buy Guide Dog badges.

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