Two local opticians have invested more than £1,000 in revolutionary new equipment – offering patients a treatment for the common eye complaint, blepharitis.

Top class technology

Specsavers Sauchiehall Street and Glasgow Fort have purchased the state-of-the-art BlephEx machine, allowing their eyecare professionals to perform the painless procedure that removes the inflammatory biofilm which leads to chronic lid disease.

An eyelid inflammation that is sometimes associated with a bacterial eye infection, the symptoms of blepharitis normally include dry eyes or certain types of skin conditions, which were formerly treated at GP practices.

The new patented hand-held machine is used to and carefully spin a medical-grade micro-sponge along the edge of eyelids and lashes, removing scurf and debris and exfoliating the eyelids.

A word from our store director

Sarah Freel, Specsavers store director for Sauchiehall Street, said: ‘I am thrilled that both Sauchiehall Street and Glasgow Fort now offer independent prescribing and BlephEx treatment for customers.

‘We look forward to offering these new services to existing patients and hope it encourages new customers to visit us too.’ Appointments can be made for this service as they would an appointment for a regular optical visit.

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