The Musselburgh store praised its staff for looking after the optical needs of some of the town’s vital key workers and for easing pressure on the NHS by providing essential and emergency community eye care.


The team in Musselburgh carried out a phone consultation with a cardiology nurse, prescribing her with trial contact lenses after she struggled with her glasses steaming up while wearing PPE.


The nurse described the impact the lenses had on her working life: ‘We were resuscitating a man on Friday and all crowded round him.

‘Thank God I wasn’t wearing glasses as they’d have been steamed up with my mask and visor. I can finally wear lenses to work just when I need them most. They are great and my vision is much clearer than before.’


A word from the store director

Amy Brolly, store director at Specsavers Musselburgh, said: ‘Contact lenses are a fantastic solution for spectacle wearers who are also required to wear PPE. The lenses provide additional comfort for the wearer while in PPE and remove difficulties of glasses fogging due to condensation. In addition, contact lenses significantly reduce the risk of wearers touching their face while in PPE when trying to correct the placement of their glasses.’


The team had also been out in the community helping those who were shielding at home. Staff helped an elderly gentleman, who is self-isolating alone after he lost a lens out of his glasses. Staff collected the specs from his doorstep and hand-delivered the repaired pair back to him so he did not have to leave his house.


Amy Brolly added: ‘Many of our customers are self-isolating at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and our services have adapted to reflect that. We have been offering telephone consultations as well as collection and deliveries for those who require repairs or eye drops. Our glasses and contact lenses can also be purchased online for customers with a current prescription.


‘If you need an urgent consultation because your condition is causing you distress, or preventing you from functioning as you normally would without our help, please call the store in the first instance and we will allocate an appointment.’

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