Chloe Bridge, of the blog Sorry about the Mess, recently visited the Croydon North End store to review the new Kylie Minogue range, exclusive to Specsavers and her comments were glowing.

Chloe’s verdict

After 3 years with the same pair of specs, Chloe says she was ready for a new look and the ‘feminine, flattering, and functional’ offering from Kylie’s second range for Specsavers was exactly the answer she was after.

In fact, after mentioning how problematic Chloe finds shopping for frames to fit her face (in her words they ‘end up looking outsized on my pea-head’) she was pleasantly surprised to find over a dozen of Kylie’s petite sized frames suited her perfectly.

After narrowing down her choices, Chloe picked two stylish pairs to take home with her – a rounded tortoiseshell frame complete with reactions lenses, and an angular acetate pair in light brown – an update from her current chunky black frames which she says hid her eyebrows.

What does Chloe recommend?

If you are looking for a sophisticated, fun, and feminine range of glasses, definitely check out the Kylie Minogue range at Specsavers.

Read her full review here.

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