A Day in the Life of Liverpool Lord Street's hearcare director, Matt Kearon

6.45am: The first thing I do when I get up is make myself and my girlfriend a cup of tea, and feed our two kittens. I don’t eat breakfast, so after a quick shower, I jump in the car and make my way to work.

8.15am: I arrive at Specsavers’ Liverpool Lord Street branch to check my schedule for the day. Specsavers provides hearing care at four hearing centres in Liverpool so I am out and about all day at appointments. I share the load with the other two audiologists on my team. I make myself a cup of tea and think about the day ahead.

8.25am: Our very organised hearcare administrator, Clare O’Dea, goes through the schedule of appointments with me and gives me the stock I need for the day - this includes hearing aids, ear moulds, tubing and cleaning materials. 8.45am: Today I’m at the Old Swan store, and I have a usual day of hearing tests and hearing aid repairs booked in. I set off to Old Swan in my car.

9.00am: I arrive at Specsavers Old Swan and my first appointment is a NHS appointment with a very nervous lady in her early 60s. She has had (untreated) hearing problems for 25 years. The first part of the appointment is taking time to put her at ease - I dispel one of the usual myths about hearing loss being a sign of old age and answer her questions.

9.45am: After checking the inside of her ears for any abnormalities and not finding anything amiss, I move her to our soundproof hearing test room to expose her to a range of sounds to ascertain what she is and isn’t able to hear. I take her through the results plotted on a graph we use called an audiogram, and explain why the results show she has some hearing loss.

10.15am: Once she has accepted that she will need to at least try a hearing aid, I show her a couple of models. I fit one for her and turn it on. I start talking to her and she becomes very emotional, saying she can’t believe the difference. She says it will change her life! She leaves the store with her hearing aid and an ear to ear smile and even sends me flowers a few days later.

11am: Next I have a private appointment. It’s a 60 year old man this time, and he is here for a private hearing test. He is with his wife, who says she is concerned about his level of hearing. Once we test him, it’s clear he has some hearing loss. I find a hearing aid that fits him and he likes, and he leaves being able to hear much more clearly!

12.00pm: I’m starting to get hungry, so I rush out to grab a sandwich and a coffee. I usually take about 30 mins for my lunch - just enough time to eat and catch up on some work emails.

12.30pm: Before my next appointment, I catch up with Old Swan’s store director Laura Mills. I update her on the exciting new hearing aids on the market these days. The latest ones are extremely discreet and comfortable, and people won't even realise they are wearing them.

1pm – 3pm: My afternoon consists of three more appointments - two hearing tests and a repair. The repair involves replacing some broken tubing on a hearing aid. I also perform the usual checks to ensure its still all working as it should be.

3pm – 4pm: Every couple of weeks I meet with the rest of the Liverpool hearing team. This week our catch up meeting is at Specsavers in Allerton, where we also provide hearcare services. We discuss the locations we cover and talk about workloads.

4- 5pm: I have a catch up with the store director Steve Bryan. I confirm we are meeting our target of hearcare appointments the NHS has set for us and we agree on employing another audiologist as we are getting busier. Before I leave for the day I check over my emails.

5.30pm: I’m now finished for the day, so I pop back to the city centre to collect my girlfriend from work. On the drive home, she reminds me that it’s my turn to cook dinner tonight! Once we’ve eaten we both relax in front of the TV together for the evening. 

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