Q: Tell us a bit about yourself

A: My name is Catherine Hughes, I'm 37 years old. I have a partner, Ben who also works for Specsavers as an Optometrist and we have a five year old daughter, Deryn. •

Q: How did you come to run a Specsavers store?

A: I left school after my A levels and studied Ophthalmic Dispensing at Bradford College where I worked part time at a local opticians on weekends and holidays. At the age of 21, during my pre registration year I moved to Specsavers in Oldham. I completed my pre-registration year under the then Dispensing Director, Peter Holt. I progressed through supervisor roles and onto the store manager role at the age of 24. I held this position until Peter Holt retired in April 2014. It was then that I took on the partnership with the remaining Directors, Nigel Williams and Rod Fullalove. •

Q: Do you wear specs, and if so, what is your favourite style?

A: I've worn specs since I was 14 and I love some of the more daring styles that Specsavers offers such as the Gok Wan range and the new Max and co range.  

Q: What does your job at Specsavers Opticians involve?

A: Primarily I support the team to provide excellent customer care and keep the optical journey as personal as possible. I work with the managers of the stores to provide the training and self-development in order that other people can progress as far as I have.

Q: What is the best part of your role?

A: Seeing new members of staff who may not have known anything about optics when they started, develop, and in some cases qualify as professional members of staff who then love the job and the changes they can make to patients’ lives.

Q: Why is it so important to get your eyes checked regularly?

A. Many people are unaware that eye tests aren't just about if you need specs or not. Eye tests can identify symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma and in some instances tumours.

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