Audiology director Westly Fox began working in the optics/audiology industry 25 years ago in the lab. Since he has had a fantastic career, climbing all the way up the ladder.

Forty-year-old Westly was born and bred in Ipswich and started working in optics in 1993 as a tint boy, spending his summer holiday creating tinted lenses for customers in the lab. Over the next 15 years he worked as a lab technician, later becoming lab manager in various stores across the region until he joined Specsavers Felixstowe – Sudbury’s sister store - in 2007 as the retail manager.

Westly said: ‘Moving to the shop floor was definitely the right decision for me. I love interacting with customers and building relationships. I often enjoy a chat and a cup of tea with people who I used to see, when I was working on the optics side of the business.’

‘It was definitely the right decision for me’

After five years store director of Felixstowe and Sudbury stores Naeem Kazi suggested that Westly study to become an audiologist. Westly said: ‘I jumped at the chance. I saw that it was a great opportunity to mix both my passions - customer service and technology - while helping people.’

After his studies at Anglia Ruskin University Westly worked across Norwich, Ipswich, Sudbury, Clacton and Felixstowe, before deciding to take part in Pathway - Specsavers directorship course.

In 2016 Westly came back to Felixstowe in the role of audiology director, taking care of the hearing services both there and at sister store Sudbury. He added: ‘It was always my dream to come back to Felixstowe and Sudbury as the director. We are like family. I’m passionate about my job and it’s incredible to see the happiness that hearing aids can bring.’

Expanding the business

Westly has plans to expand the audiology offer. At the moment as well as services in Specsavers stores from Monday to Saturday, there is a Wednesday clinic at The Grove Medical Centre held every week. He continued: ‘Customer service is of the upmost importance. My priority is to help people improve their hearing and give them a great experience.

‘People should especially come to us if they are suffering with their hearing or their ears. We don’t just sell people hearing aids, we can help detect medical conditions and refer patients when necessary.’


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