Rajiv Kotecha joined Specsavers Crouch End last month as the team’s new optometry director. We find a little about Rajiv and how he ended up where he is.

What made you decide to go into optometry?

‘I’ve always wanted to work in healthcare – I liked the idea of working in a profession where you could help improve people’s quality of life. People often take their sight for granted, but it really is such an important sense to take care of.’

How did you end up a business owner at Specsavers?

‘I’ve actually worked for Specsavers itself for a number of years. I did my pre-registration after university at Specsavers in Dalston in 2013 before working full-time in the Specsavers Liverpool Street store.

‘Owning a business was always a dream of mine, and Specsavers runs an internal course called Pathway, to help Specsavers employees to become store owners. When the opportunity came up for me to join the Pathway course, I jumped at it – as did my cousin actually – we did the course together and now he part-owns the Walworth Road store!’

How have you found your new role and team since joining Crouch End?

‘The whole team is great – we have a really nice mix of youth and experience in this team, and you can tell that everyone really cares about their customers and is very knowledgeable about the profession. I really feel like the journey is just beginning for Crouch End and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the coming year and beyond.’

And finally, what do you spend your time doing when not testing eyes?

‘I’ve just become recently engaged, so planning the wedding is going to take up a lot of my time this year! Aside from that, I like to spend my time playing and coaching cricket at my local club, and seeing my family and friends. I also went to Zambia last year with my fiancé to do some teaching at a local school – so if another opportunity like that arises, I’d love to do that again.’

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