After a story titled ‘Shoppers turn back on High St’ appeared in local press, Caernarfon store director Dyfan Jones put pen to paper to share his thoughts on drawing shoppers back into the town centre…

"As director of Specsavers on Bridge Street I would agree that Caernarfon has become a quieter shopping town in recent years. However, there are steps which we can all, as a community, take to improve the situation to the benefit of the whole town.


"Our customers tell us that their main barrier to spending time in the town centre is the lack of free parking. Addressing this issue, I think, should be the first step in our efforts to bring back that missing footfall.

Pulling our weight in the community

"Secondly, as retailers and business professionals, we must remember that we play an important role in our community. Specsavers sponsors the Caernarfon rugby team and lends its support to Caernarfon golf club. We welcome GCSE students undertaking work experience. Supporting our town centre is about more than opening up shop and waiting for customers to open their wallets. If we turn our backs on our customers, they will of course turn their backs on us in return.

"We must support the things that matter to Caernarfon people. Coupled with the provision of excellent customer service, this outlook has been crucial to my store’s success over the last five and a half years.  

Looking beyond retail

"Finally, we must look beyond retail to bring people into Caernarfon. The poppy display at Caernarfon Castle was a beautiful tribute to our servicemen and women.  As a town we must pledge our support to these initiatives which not only bring our community together, but do have a positive impact on our businesses in the town centre.

"So yes, footfall may be falling, and many high street retailers do require support, but there are also steps we can take to help ourselves and each other."

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