The team at Specsavers in Luton understands that you may have questions or concerns when it comes to having your sight and eye health checked, so we put together a handy Q&A which might help answer some of your questions.

What you might not know

Q1. How often should I have an eye test?

A1. We suggest you have an eye test at least every two years. However, if anything changes within that period, it’s always good to stop by and have a chat with one of our staff.

Q2. Do I need an eye test if I’ve been for a contact lens check up?

A2. Yes. A contact lens check up will mainly look at the front part of your eye where the lens sits. However, a full comprehensive eye exam will evaluate the health of your eyes on the whole, checking every part of your general eye health.

Q3. If my vision’s fine, do I need a regular eye test?

A3. Yes. A full eye test will give your optometrist a chance to look at both the inner and outer areas of the eye. In short this will allow us to look at any problems that might not affect your vision. Regular check ups mean we can solve any potential issues before they become more serious.

Q4. Do I have to do anything special before an eye test?

A4. Note any changes in your eyes since your last visit and think of any questions you might like to ask when you visit. We also recommend bringing your current glasses or contact lenses and a note of the names of any prescription drugs or medication you’re taking.

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