A lucky woman from Macclesfield has won a £500 prize as a result of filling in a customer service survey after visiting the Specsavers team in Macclesfield.
Mystery headaches 

Emily Cox, 34, a full-time mum of two had been getting headaches so called into the store to book an eye-test to get to the bottom of it. 
‘I have been coming to the Specsavers in Macclesfield for years. I had been getting headaches so I knew I needed an eye-test. In my appointment I found out that my prescription had changed and my eyesight had improved, so I needed to buy new glasses,’ explained Emily. 
‘The team were great in helping me pick out new glasses and I tried reactive lenses for the first time. There is a great choice of frames in the store and the service really is fantastic.’

Lucky winner
Emily was told that all of Specsavers customers across its nationwide network of 700 stores are sent a customer service survey after an appointment at the store which gives them the opportunity to feed back on their experience. Those that take part in the survey are automatically entered into a draw and could win a large cash prize. 
‘I couldn’t really believe it when I got the letter telling me I had won the £500 prize!’ exclaims a delighted Emily.
‘As I had such a good experience and the staff were all really helpful, I wanted to give praise where it was due, but never really expected to win anything from it.’

A pleasant surprise
‘I’ve never won anything like this before so it was a very pleasant surprise. I told my husband straight away and he kept asking me if it was a hoax, we couldn’t believe it when we rang the store and found out I’d actually won!’ 
‘We are going to France for my step-mother’s 70th birthday soon, so this prize money will really help us celebrate in style while we’re there.’
Store director Peter Scott explains why these surveys are so important to the store: ‘We’ve been getting feedback from our customers for years this way and the data we secure is invaluable - it is key in helping us and all of the other stores in the UK continue to deliver the consistently strong customer service Specsavers is so well known for.’ 

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