He's glad he went to Specsavers: Optician diagnoses grandfather's lethally high blood pressure, that should have killed him.

'I have no doubt that Raj saved my life.'

Grandfather Derek Day, 72, from Solihull in the West Midlands has told how he and was diagnosed by a Specsavers optician, with such high blood pressure that he could have died.

Derek started to suffer from recurring headaches in October 2012. As he thought a change in his glasses might cure the headaches, he went to Specsavers's Yardley branch, in Birmingham to have his sight tested.

He was immediately rushed to Birmingham City Hospital within minutes of seeing optometrist Raj Sandhu, who spotted warning signs during this routine appointment.

Hospital tests gave a systolic blood pressure reading of 254, where most people's should be below 120.The optician explained: 'Mr Day's pressure tests were normal and his prescription hadn't changed, but I wasn't happy with how he was.

'His body language was wrong and the constant headaches were a concern. I also spotted two small splinter haemorrhages near his optic nerve at the back of his eye'.

Mr Day said: 'Without that visit and their prompt action I would have almost certainly suffered a stroke and could well have died. lt's hard to believe an eye examination can pick these things up!'

'I'm now on tablets and I've been fine ever since.'

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