Hove eyecare experts have gifted radical new online vision screening software to a borough school.


The team at Specsavers donated the software to the pupils and staff of Shoreham College, one of the first schools to sign up to a new nationwide initiative from the opticians.

Funded by Specsavers and developed for the Specsavers Screening for Schools campaign following a study which revealed millions of UK children have never had an eye test, the SchoolScreener EZ® will allow schools to identify children with vision problems through a three-minute screening test, so that they can be referred for a full eye examination.

The screening can detect the most common eye problems that affect children, such as long and short sight, lazy eye and squints.


Charles Forshaw, store director at Specsavers Hove, says: "As eyecare experts, we don’t want vision problems to have an impact on any child’s learning.

"Not only do we encourage parents to bring their children for eye tests from the age of four, we have now introduced this software to enable schools like Starksfield to help us reach more children who require our support.


"This has the potential to help transform children’s lives and we hope more schools sign up to receive their screening kits.”

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