As the festive season draws in, Specsavers across South East London are urging people to use family gatherings to check on their loved ones.

Looking out for signs and symptoms could drastically improve the lives of your relatives so don’t hesitate to ask when their last sight or hearing test was.

Adults should have a sight test at least every two years

Signs to look out for could be headaches, sensitivity to bright lights, squinting or not being able to see when watching the Christmas plays! If you can see these symptoms, advise your relative to go down to their local South East London Specsavers.

Hearing can also be one to look out for at Christmas, if relatives have the television especially loud, ask you to repeat things or can’t hear as well on the phone, it may be time for them to get their ears checked.

These services can be found across stores in South East London, so get your family booked in in the New Year.

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