When Sarah Darwent noticed some shadows across her vision she was concerned – especially given the current lockdown situation due to COVID-19 and many opticians being closed.


Fortunately, Specsavers in Worcester is open for care – offering support for urgent or essential eye and audiology needs – and so after a telephone triage appointment, store director and optician Dean Roberts advised Sarah that she needed to come in for a full eye examination.


Sarah was seen the same day where it was confirmed she did indeed have a retinal tear.  She was operated on that day too and is now recovering at home.


A word from the store director

‘Sarah’s symptoms alerted me to the fact that this could be a potentially sight-threatening issue and so we asked her to come in right away,’ said Dean. ‘Through the eye examination, I picked up a possible tear in Sarah’s retina and so referred her straight away to the Birmingham Eye Hospital.’


A word from Sarah Darwent

‘I’m incredibly grateful to Dean and his team and the staff at the hospital – without them, I could have potentially lost the sight in my eye,’ said Sarah. ‘The hospital said that Dean had made a great call referring me – thank goodness I went to see him when I did and didn’t put it off because of lockdown.’


Open for care

Specsavers' teams are classed as key workers to provide urgent and essential eye care to those who need it. This includes supporting other key workers who couldn’t function without their help and people who would come to harm without their health expertise, especially where the usual hospital services and NHS facilities are being prioritised for the fight against COVID-19.


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