After noticing a large black spot in his vision, Leslie Bottomley from New Eltham was impressed with the expertise at every stage of having his vision saved. 
Leslie, 60, had been experiencing a black spot in his sight for two days before deciding he needed to seek help. He went into his local Specsavers in Sidcup where he was seen by ophthalmic Director Ebahi Demi-Ejegi. 

Ebahi identified the problem for Leslie
Ebahi saw that Leslie had a potential detached retina using the scans available in store so referred him to the local medical centre straight away. From here, Leslie went to King’s College Hospital and had surgery the next day which saved his sight. 

Ebahi says: 'We take pride in caring for all our customers. I am glad that Mr Bottomley did not ignore the symptoms that he was having. I am pleased that I was able to be of assistance and refer him to hospital urgently.

It is very important for everyone to have regular eye tests or to come and see us if they feel something might be wrong'.

Leslie helped a colleague with a similar issue
Although Leslie was off work for 6 weeks, he was in fact able to help one of his colleagues who had been experiencing floaters in her eye. He suggested she go straight to the optician who then referred her to hospital to have surgery as well. 

Leslie says: ‘We take for granted our sight, we don’t know how precious it is. I was really impressed with how professional Ebahi and the Specsavers team were. 
If something is unusual I would encourage you to go and get it looked at as you never know.’ 

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