Last week, the team at Specsavers Peterborough in Bridge Street were contacted by a nurse who cares for elderly people at the local hospital. She had broken her only pair of glasses, and – with a high prescription – desperately needed a new pair in order to be able to do her job.

Team leader Paul booked her a same day appointment as she was worried her vision had got worse since her last test. Because she needed strong glasses, the store could not make her new pair on the day but – noticing she had worn contact lenses before – Paul booked her a fresh contact lens fit after checking the type of lenses she had previously worn were in stock.

Back to work

After her eye test, clinical assistant Abha refreshed her memory on how to safely insert and remove her lenses – and the nurse left the Bridge Street store able to see clearly again.

She was delighted to be able to return to supporting her patients and colleagues on the NHS frontline the next day.

Open for essential care

While the Bridge Street store is closed for all routine eye and hearing tests at the moment, they – and Specsavers Serpentine Green – are still open to support local key workers and provide essential care.

Customers are being encouraged to call the store if they need urgent support with eye problems, or if they have issues with their glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids.

A word from the store director

Chintu Patel, store director in Peterborough, said: ‘We were really pleased to be able to support a fellow key worker and get her back to work much sooner than she thought would be possible. She was so happy to be able to get back to work, something which could have been delayed by something which could so easily be fixed.

‘We want the local community to know that, while we are closed for routine appointments at the present time, we are still very much here to support people with their essential eye and hearing care needs – so please give us a call if you need us.’

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