Are you put off by certain sports though because you’re a glasses wearer, for fear of breaking the lenses or not being accepted into a team?


At Specsavers Hove you can receive advice from a team of experts, whether that’s for glasses, or if you’re thinking about contact lenses for the first time, the contact lens specialists will walk you through every step so you happy and confident with your choice.

Contact lenses have many advantages over glasses for sport, not just from a practical point of view but for visual reasons too. They offer greater stability while providing all-round-vision and won’t steam up and become sweaty like glasses. Also a lot of sports require protective headgear or goggles, which contact lenses will not interfere with.


Charles Forshaw, store director at Specsavers Hove, says: ‘Contact lenses can be such an easy and convenient alternative to glasses for sportspeople or general leisure.

Quite often we find that they are overlooked a lot when parents consider the options for their children but they can be worn at much younger ages. For sports they are unobtrusive and allow you to concentrate and perform at your best, well into 2013.’

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Customers can also trial lenses before purchasing to make sure they are happy with everything. Their range includes different lens types to suit most wearers and uses the latest technology and materials, making them comfortable and easy to wear. 

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