A local Specsavers  store has trained its staff to have the vital skills necessary to save a life in an emergency and help make the Bideford area a Heartsafe zone.

The store recently received a Lifesaver Information Pack from the independent organisation - Heartsafe UK – which is committed to reducing the number of cardiac arrests that happen in public places.

First aid training

The information pack has equipped Specsavers staff with further insight and expertise to support their first aid training. Currently, only one in 10 people in the UK know how to administer CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and Heartsafe UK aims to improve that statistic across the Bideford area by partnering with Specsavers.


Kevin Dryburgh, founder of Heartsafe UK commented: ‘Specsavers is a prominent retailer in the Bideford community and because staff interact with members of the public every day of the week, we wanted to help equip their staff with the necessary skills to act if a member of the public collapses in their store or, indeed, outside working hours in the local community.

Kevin continued: ‘We’d all like to hope that if the worst happened to a loved one, someone would be around who knew how to save their life. The reality is, at the moment, the odds are against us, and most people don’t know how to administer CPR. That’s why we have launched a campaign to make Bideford a Heartsafe Zone.’


Specsavers store director, Jerry Shrubb commented: ‘We were stunned to learn that 90,000 adults and 600 young people die every year following cardiac arrest in a public place. Often, these deaths are preventable. We are delighted to do what we can to help our staff act confidently before it’s too late to avoid the preventable deaths of our customers, friends, families and colleagues. Something as simple as an emergency response first aid wall chart arms us with the information we need to act fast in an emergency.’

Heartsafe UK Life Information Saver packs are available for other Bideford local businesses.

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