Knowing the importance of hearing whilst being isolated, Stephen Bannister has been doing home visits to elderly patients who are under more difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 and are in need of help with their hearing aids.  

Local resident gets help with his hearing aids
One patient in Sydenham was waiting on hearing aids to be delivered by a private company which had been lost in the post. The hearing aids had cost £1,000 so he was especially upset that these had not reached him. 
Stephen from Specsavers managed to deliver the patient upgraded hearing aids to his door for free so that he could immediately resolve the problem. 

Why it is so important to have working hearing aids
In a time of isolation, not being able to hear can increase feelings of loneliness so it is more crucial than ever that the Specsavers audiology team are able to get out to patients to help them with any issues they might be having.  
Stephen says: ‘We want to ensure that we are doing what we can for our community during this especially difficult time. Hearing is so important and something we take for granted, so we want the Sydenham community to know they can rely on us.’

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