The Trongate hearing centre has been praised for helping an elderly patient reconnect with his family during lockdown after losing his hearing instruments.


Frank Reilly, 88, who lives with his daughter, Susan Sweeney, 58, in Largs, was becoming increasingly distressed as he was no longer able to communicate with his family at home.


Concerned that her father was no longer able to hear conversations or the television and radio, Susan contacted Specsavers Trongate to try and find a solution which would help her father reconnect with the outside world.


Susan says: ‘My father and I were no longer able to talk to one another which was causing him to become extremely lonely and isolated.


‘When I called Specsavers Trongate I wasn’t sure if they would be able to help given the restrictions with social distancing but thankfully the audiology team were on-hand with a solution to help my father.’


A word from the audiology director:


Ryan Forbes, audiology director for Specsavers Trongate, knew immediately that Frank required urgent assistance following a consultation on the phone.


Ryan says: ‘People living with hearing loss can feel isolated under normal circumstances so I knew that Frank’s situation was a priority. After speaking to Susan I had a look at Frank’s file and found that there was absolutely something we could do to help.’


Allowing the family to continue their all-important conversations while keeping Frank safe, Ryan dispensed a set of hearing instruments remotely, programmed them in-store and had them shipped directly to Frank’s home removing any risk of contact while adhering to the social distancing rules.


Frank is now able to hear the television, communicate by telephone and most importantly, he’s able to communicate with his daughter and they are able to converse in the house during this very difficult time.


Susan continued: ‘My father and I are both absolutely delighted. I use Specsavers for my glasses and just can’t thank the team at Specsavers Trongate enough for all their help.


‘The service was just fabulous from beginning to end – we’re delighted with the care and compassion of the team.’


Ryan added: ‘This is exactly the reason Specsavers is open for care. Keeping in contact with friends and family is so important during this difficult time, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable.


‘We’re delighted that Frank is now hearing clearly and enjoying chatting with his daughter and watching television freely.’


The teams at Specsavers are classed as key workers to provide urgent and vital eye and hearing care to those who need it. This includes supporting other key workers who couldn’t function without help from the opticians and audiologists.


Specsavers has set up an Ask the Expert group on Facebook for people to ask our team of expert optometrists and audiologists’ questions they might have about their sight or hearing while our stores are open urgent and essential appointments only.

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