A keen fisherman from Kilmarnock could see new depths at a recent international competition thanks to his local opticians.

Tony Boyce (37) is a member of the Scottish Disabled Fly Fishing Association and a regular customer of Specsavers Kilmarnock.

Ahead of his qualifier for the Disabled International Fly Fishing Competition, the King Street opticians kitted Tony out with polarizing prescription sunglasses.

These glasses have a special chemical film that helps reduce glare and harmful effects from UV light. In the case of Tony, his glasses minimised sun glare on the water surface and helped him to spot trout deep below the surface.

A big thank you

Tony said: ‘The polarizing prescription sunglasses were invaluable at my recent competition, I caught a stunning blue tout and ten rainbow trout – including one at a depth greater than six feet.

‘I was delighted to qualify as part of the Scotland team and my new sunglasses made a real difference to my performance. A big thank you to Myra and the team at Specsavers in Kilmarnock.’

Superb performance

Myra Smith, store director at Specsavers Kilmarnock, said: ‘Huge congratulations to Tony, the competition was tough but he pulled off a superb performance to qualify. We’re delighted to hear that our gift played a small part in his impressive catch.

‘We would like to wish Tony the best of luck in his future competitions.’

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