Opticians across Yorkshire are offering advice on good contact lens care and encouraging more people to give them a go.

Millions of people in the UK already enjoy the clear and unobstructed vision offered by contact lenses which are great for when glasses are not convenient or you want to try a different look.

New lens designs and materials mean contact lenses are easier to use and more comfortable to wear than ever. Advances in design also means that even people with strong or complicated prescriptions can now wear them.

Important advice

Good hygiene is very important for contact lens wearers to prevent infection and it is important to follow the advice of your optician.

Deryck Watts from Specsavers in York said: ‘It’s very important to wash, rinse, and dry hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses, whether putting them in or removing them.

‘When handling the lens, only finger tips should be used and never finger nails or other sharp objects such as tweezers.

‘Always check to ensure contact lens is clean from debris and damage free before attempting to insert in your eye and never put a damaged contact lens in your eye.’

Here to help with contact lenses

Many people are worried about putting a lens in for the first time, but simple techniques have been developed which makes it quite easy for most people with a bit of practice.

Deryck added: ‘At Specsavers, we offer a free, no obligation consultation for contact lenses where the contact lens optician will examine your eye surface and eyelids, the quality of your tears and the curvature and diameter of the cornea at the front of your eye, together with the size of your pupils and position of your eyelids.

‘We will also discuss your lifestyle and visual needs to decide which lens type is best for you, before offering a free trial of contact lenses if you are suitable for them.

‘We will teach you how to handle and clean the lenses as part of the free trial, so you feel confident with the handling of them.’

Always remember that if your eyes feel sore, uncomfortable or irritable, you should take your lenses out and make a contact lens check appointment.

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