Sarah English from Dundonald still has her sight today thanks to a visit to her local Specsavers store at Connswater.

Bad headaches

Sarah had been experiencing bad headaches and vision problems for months. Multiple visits to the GP, physiotherapist appointments and even a stay in hospital couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem. The symptoms became so bad that they even stopped Sarah from going to work.

Visit to the optician

Finally Sarah’s GP suggested that she paid a visit to an optician. She was examined by optometrist Matthew Brennan at Specsavers in Connswater who could see that there were signs of a severe problem.

Swollen optic nerves

Matthew explains, ‘When I examined Sarah I could see the optic nerves, which run from the brain to the back of the eye, were very swollen and that there were areas of haemorrhaging as well. This suggested either raised pressure in the brain or a tumour so I advised Sarah to go straight to hospital for further tests.’

A diagnosis at last

At the Royal Victoria Hospital Sarah was taken straight for a CT scan, followed by a lumbar puncture. It was then that she was finally diagnosed as having Intracranial Hypertension which is abnormally high pressure inside the skull.

So thankful

Sarah said, ‘It was such a relief to finally know what was causing the symptoms and to be able to begin treatment. I have since had a number of procedures, including eight operations on my head to relieve the pressure. Whilst I still have to take daily medication and have minor vision problems in one eye, I count myself very lucky. I was a couple of weeks away from going blind and I am so thankful to Matthew. I would certainly encourage people to have their eyes checked regularly.’

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