Scottish superstar Lewis Capaldi’s application for a new career with Specsavers has been successful.

The Whitburn singer, who is known for his wide range of flamboyant eyewear, has been one of the biggest success stories to come out of the country in many years, scoring number one hits on both sides of the Atlantic, while his debut album Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent was the biggest selling album of 2019, selling nearly three-quarters of a million copies. 

Facebook video
The 23-year-old surprised fans last week though when he took to social media to announce his intentions to make the move away from music, which most recently has taken him to The Grammy Awards in Hollywood, where he was nominated for Best Song.

Instead, Capaldi, concerned that his new single Before You Go was not going to hit #1 in the UK charts,  used Facebook Live to apply for a Brand Ambassador position with Specsavers, working out of the company’s Bishopbriggs store in Glasgow.

The role would see the former singer acting as the first point of contact with potential customers on the street in a confident, friendly and enthusiastic manner while being approachable and capable of having a conversation. 

Despite admitting that he had no interest in improving his own skills, Lewis’ “passion for fantastic customer service” prompted Specsavers to tweet the star and offer him the job. 
While his style of engagement with spectacle-wearers will need some refinement, Specsavers is confident that with some training Capaldi would be a big hit at the Bishopbriggs store.

Someone customers love
Neil Drain, store director of Specsavers Bishopbriggs, said: 'So far, we are yet to receive a response from Lewis, but if he takes us up on the offer I’m sure he’d quickly get used to being someone customers love.'

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