Kylie Minogue’s exclusive Specsavers collection launched nationwide on Valentine’s Day and Kylie made a surprise appearance in the Bromley store – well, a life-size cardboard cut-out version of the pop princess!

Staff also wore their Kylie Minogue inspired t-shirts, donned glasses from the new designer range and made sure to decorate the store with branded balloons and love hearts to mark the Valentine’s Day launch.

Bespoke designs

Kylie describes the collection as a mix of modern classics, subtle bling and reinvented vintage, drawing inspiration from different eras in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. Each frame features a striking angled temple and her iconic ‘K’ tag for a chic but understated hint of Kylie glamour.

A word from the director

Specsavers Bromley store director, Imran Khan said: ‘Unfortunately, Kylie was too busy to attend so we had to make do with a cardboard cut-out of her but the invitation's definitely still open should she want to attend again in the future. In all seriousness though, it’s a really exciting product launch for our store and we’re sure the range is going to go down really well with our customers in Bromley.’

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