Specsavers in Wallington is thrilled to announce the launch of a fabulous range designed by fashion and pop icon, Kylie Minogue!

Kylie glamour hits Wallington

On Valentine's Day, the team donned sashes and dressed the store with balloons and a full size Kylie cut out to let residents know about this fabulous range launch.

What to expect from the range

Kylie's frame collection consists of 25 glasses and five prescription sunglasses.   For those who are petite like Kylie, there are some sizes to suit smaller faces too. 

The range brings a real mix of modern classical, subtle bling and vintage charm to suit all tastes.  Kylie has designed the range herself, drawing on different fashion eras to bring a variety of shapes, colours and textures to the range.  Each frame also includes a striking angled temple and her iconic ‘K’ tag for a chic but understated hint of Kylie glamour.

In Kylie's own words

'Designing the glasses has been a fabulous experience. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the idea of modern classics, popular shapes and styles that suit most people, but with my own personal twist on them.

'Expressing yourself with your glasses is really important and I know that personally. I love to continually change my look, so having a real mixture of styles is definitely something that works for me. Often you want to be able to combine that functional day-to-day look with a little more glamour for the evening. That’s definitely something I’ve incorporated, through what I like to call a hint of subtle bling!’

Wallington team members look forward to showing you the range so pop in when you are next passing.

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