For many of us, facemasks have now become part of our daily routine whenever we leave the house. While a necessary part of life, for the time being at least, they can be uncomfortable – especially for people who wear glasses, as they can lead to them steaming up and even slipping.

Fortunately the eye health experts at the Specsavers stores across Kent are here to help with some handy tips on how to wear a mask and your glasses at the same time with as little stress as possible.

Handy hints from the experts

One way to stop your glasses slipping is to attach the string or elastic from your mask to the sides of your glasses rather than your ears, as long as you can maintain a tight fit around your mouth and nose. You’ll need to be careful when taking off your glasses, however, as your mask will come off with them. You can also try using a piece of surgical tape on your nose to hold your mask in place and give your glasses additional grip.

A way to stop your glasses steaming up while wearing your mask is to pull it further up your nose if you can, and placing your glasses on top of it. This will help seal the mask around your nose, stopping warm air reaching your lenses when you breathe. Contact lenses could also be an option worth discussing with your optician.

Here to help in store

The Specsavers stores across Kent are now open again by appointment for routine optical services like eye tests and the purchase of glasses, contact lenses and accessories.

So if you are due an eye test or have noticed a change in your vision, give your local store a call.

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