If you’ve ever suffered from earwax, you’ll know it can be really irritating – leaving you with blocked and itchy ears, and desperate to do something about it.

Many of us try to remove the wax ourselves, but the hearing experts from the Specsavers stores across Kent are here to warn us that we could be risking permanently damaging our hearing if we do.

Keep your ears clear

According to a new survey for Specsavers, more than a third of us are trying to remove our own earwax at least once a week, using objects like pencils, paper clips and matches in some cases.

One person even confessed to using nail scissors to try to clear their ears.

Seek professional advice

The hearing experts at Specsavers say that we should be really careful with our ears, avoiding inserting anything into them as this can risk causing serious and permanent damage. They recommend seeking professional advice where earwax is concerned.

The Specsavers stores across Kent are now open for urgent and essential care, which includes earwax removal. So if you need some help with your hearing, or have a problem with your hearing aids, you should give your local store a call today.

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