With the summer rays shining upon us (especially here on the coast!) the Dover and Deal teams are urging local people to protect their eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays by getting their sunglasses checked in store.

A word from the director

Matthew Trusty, store director at Specsavers in Dover and Deal, says: ‘It’s important you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays which can cause irritation and in extreme cases lead to serious conditions such as cancer of the cornea and cataracts.

‘We recommend when shopping for sunglasses you select those which bear the CE kite mark and offer 99-100 per cent UV protection - indicated on the labelling with the mark UV 400.

‘Just pop into store and we can help you select from our growing range of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.’

Children’s eyes in the sun

Children’s eyes are particularly at risk of damage as they have larger pupils and clearer lenses in the eye than adults which allows more UV to penetrate. Kids should wear sunglasses as soon as they will keep them on, normally from around the age of two.

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