As we enter National Eye Health Week, Specsavers are urging everyone to think about their eye health and remember to get their eyes tested regularly.

Serious eye conditions

Some serious eye conditions have virtually no symptoms until they get to a very advanced stage. Glaucoma patients for example are generally unaware until it is diagnosed by a doctor or optician.

Maintain eye health

To prevent this and maintain eye health, Specsavers recommends an eye test once every two years, or more frequently as advised.

Additional tips

Specsavers clinical spokesperson, Dr Nigel Best, suggests these additional tips for keeping your eye health in check:

• Stop smoking

• Avoid ultraviolet radiation and wear sunglasses

• Eat a healthy diet

• Keep well hydrated

• Consider safety glasses

• Give your eyes a rest periodically from monitors

• Know your family’s eye health history

• Look after your contact lenses to prevent infection

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